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! Fort Myers, Beat Knee PAIN with Joint Fluid Therapy!


Joint Fluid Therapy uses a series of injections of a solution of hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is the lubricant and shock absorber in all of your joints.

Osteoarthritis reduces your body's ability to produce hyaluronan. Without it, you experience the pain of OA as your joint wears out. Vissco Supplimentation replaces the naturally occurring hyaluronan your body no longer produces on its own. It is very effective in treating pain and as safe to use as a placebo.

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is PAIN. You may feel pain during movement and even at rest. Your joints may also be stiff and swollen, and you may even experience a loss of range of movement in the joint.

*Most insurances cover the treatment for vissco supplimentation, including medicare. 

Breg Knee Braces for OA Breg.png

Breg_Knee_Brace_Solus.gifOff-loading knee bracing is considered one of the best treatment options.  Injections (vissco supplementation / joint fluid therapy), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), supplements, strength and conditioning, including weight loss, and heel wedge insoles may also help reduce OA pain, especially when used in conjunction with bracing.

Knee bracing is proven highly effective in relieving OA symptoms. Studies suggest that the majority of OA patients using braces report significantly reduced pain, increased activity levels, and a substantial reduction in the use of oral pain medications.  As a result, most insurances, including medicare cover the cost of such custom bracing.

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We offer free weekly lectures held at our clinic in Fort Myers.  In these informative lectures, our Doctors will discuss Osteoarthritis of the knee and treatment options available to you.  Please call to register for our next class.